Thursday, April 26, 2007

Report Offenders

Have you witnessed the slaughter of ambient animals in WoW?

Send us a screenshot, or post a video and send us the URL and we will feature it on the blog in order to shame the offending toons into changing their evil ways.


Anonymous said...

I noticed a Gnome Rogue named Pinkpker killing lots of squirrels and rabbits in Stonetalon.


Anonymous said...

When I started out my blood elf alt..there were so many dead cats!


Horizon said... else am I supposed to raise my Sword skill when I pick up a shiny new Continuum Blade and I've been using staves since level 1? Those bunnies are worth a whole skill point each!

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to admit that my boyfriend's nickname is "Rabbit Slayer" in our guild.

Blackbeast said...

I see tons of dead cats in the blood elf starting zone, dead frogs in swampy areas, and a TON of dead rabbits outside of orgrimmar :(

I made another account as alliance to try and protect the creatures but it was all happening in non-pvp zones... so I taunted them till they went pvp with me, or waited for them to take a zepplin to a pvp zone. THINK OF THE CRITTERS OF WOW!! NOT JUST THE EPICS!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit i've killed alot of rabbits and stuff some were to skin them, others were cause i had 40 sticks on dynamite on me and was bored